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I love to offer my customers different options. It also helps them understand the difference between my products, as well as makes them aware of the other items I may have available, which may even be more perfect for the person you’re buying for. This is the most fun part of the consulting. I make sure that you get the most out of your order.

My “cheapest” item that I have is the mini purse. They’re incredibly popular, due to names being put on, making them extra personal, and fairly quick and easy to get out, with a relatively short lead time.

These are great to use as: (The options are ENDLESS)

  • End of year staff gifts.
  • Teacher appreciation gifts.
  • Birthday presents!  I usually pop in a slab of chocolate (yes it fits in) and a gift voucher.
  • Make-up bags, they fit eyeline, lipstick, shadow etc. perfectly!
  • Pencil Bags: Perfect size for this too, although I’m a stationery freak, so my stuff will NEVER fit. We do have a bigger pencil bag option!
  • Spinners / marbles / Pokémon and other trading card collections, etc. I think my son has a gazillion lying around!
  • They’re the perfect spot for cash and those pesky till receipts.
  • I even use one for my tissues

The idea though with these mini purses, although great to use on their own, they are perfect for up-scaling my other items. My clients love adding matching items to it, like the handbags, make-up and toiletry bags, sling bags, tote bags and so much more.