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Not only do I do gifts but I also do other Graphic design, including basic WEB design.

With regards to my web design, I often offer payment in terms of a trade. So, if you’re a business starting up, I’ll gladly offer to do your website in trade for the product that you’re offering. (Terms and conditions apply) This comes with added bonuses like me promoting your business on my business pages and bragging about your work to friends. Having said this, if you can’t do a trade, I can quote accordingly. I do also do e-commerce sites.

As I am a graphic designer by trade, this comes with many benefits to you. I do extra things such as e-invites which are very affordable! From this, I can do all other party décor design to match!

I also do business design such as logos, social media images, corporate stationery, flyers, business cards, promotional items such as branded flags and gazebo’s etc.

So, anything that you need designed, give me a shout a I can put together a quote and offer advice.