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Due to the fact that my products are digitally printed and can print up to 3m wide, our customers love the freedom of making up just about anything!

I always encourage my customers to ask if the item they want is not available, as i will always make a plan to get it to them.

I also love a challenge!

Have you got a specific item that you need to fit into a specific size bag? I can make it happen!

Do you have a specific event that needs a specific item? I can make it happen!

Are our bags just not big enough? I can resize it specifically to your requirements.

Have a specific style of bag that i haven’t yet made… I will try my darndest to make it up for you!

You see, if we don’t have it, we will go above and beyond and do our best to get it for you. And if we can’t, we will definitely recommend a specialist in the field to do it for you! We have a lot of contacts in various fields that could assist in making your dream item come to reality.

If you have an item that you require, I will try my hardest to either make up the product myself, or source someone that will do it for you. I try and be your ONE STOP SHOP!

Our fabric items can be made in any size. I’ve had customers that have asked for specific sized bags. I’ve been requested for little pouches to be made for things like Nintendo DS, USB hard drives, laptops etc. However, when it comes to these sorts of things, I do require the item to measure it up and ensure that it will fit 100%.