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When you request a quote from us, we will need to know if your items are double or single sided. And then of course, the quantity that you require.

I will then quote you on design work, if needed, and then printing costs. Great news about these is that courier to your door is free on these items only.

Recommendations of substrates of our most popular printed items:

  • Business cards:
    350gsm matt. I often find that potential customers might need to add some form of text to their cards. Gloss, although looks amazing, is an unnecessary extra expense.
  • Flyers:
    Unless you’re looking for a VERY premium flyer, don’t worry about going for the thicker substrates. You can quite comfortably get away with a 115gsm gloss flyer.
    We offer them in:
    Processing: Standard, Perforation, Holes, Perforation & Holes
    Size: A3, A4, A5, A6, DL
    Paper: 350gsm, 115gsm, 150gsm, 250gsm, 80gsm
    Finish: Matt, Gloss, Bond
    Sides: 1 Side, 2 Sides
    Packs: 10 – 100000
  • Posters:
    The same applies here as for the flyers:
    Size: A0, A1, A2, A3
    Paper: 115gsm, 150gsm, 250gsm, 80gsm, 135gsm, Self adhesive Vinyl, Self adhesive Vinyl removable
    Finish: Matt, Gloss, Bond, Satin Matt
    Packs: 1 – 100000

Hope this mini guide clarifies this up a bit and helps you make an easier decision.