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My fabric gifts have care instructions that come along with it. See this post: for what substrates we use.

 A lot of my customers are not aware that these products can be washed!

Popping your lunch bags, book bags handbags, pencil bags (we know how dirty these get), etc. are 100% safe to throw into the washing machine! How awesome is that!

Here’s the reason why:

These items are extremely durable and long lasting.  My nephew has used his for 4 years now and it still looks good as new! And boy it’s been through a lot. What makes the die sublimation process a bonus for us, is that you can happily wash your items in the washing machine, without anything happening to it, as it’s already been cured at a high heat!

So don’t hesitate to give your items a good old clean! Another reason you should order from us, and not have to worry!