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Would you love to do something custom and personal, but don’t have a massive budget?

Did you know that Give Thanks was originally started as company that supplies digital Thank You cards? And now look at all the products I have added to the catalogue.

Give Thanks originally did a trial run in the beginning to build a portfolio and get feedback from clients. I used to create very personal cards for customers to send to their loved ones, colleagues, friends etc. The receivers of these cards were always very touched with these messages, knowing that they are appreciated, loved and thought of. It makes a world of a difference to a person’s heart!

They were originally FREE cards, but my customers started knowing the value of kindness and started requesting more permanent memories, and hence my other products were born.

So, if you’re strapped for cash, think of other ways to gift your love and appreciation. I still offer the digital cards for free, so this is an option.

Otherwise think of other avenues. I saw a lovely post of a friend of mine that came up with a brilliant idea! She wrote down 100 reasons why they loved her husband / children’s dad onto sticky notes and pinned them to the curtain!  Me personally, think that this idea speaks to me louder than anything else! I won’t lie, I had a tear in my eye when I saw her post! It was so touching!

They ideas are endless, just get creative and, of course, Google or Pinterest your heart out for ideas! Chat to me too, I’ll be happy to assist in making your ideas come to life! It’s a bonus that I’m a graphic designer, and always willing to help where I can.